Cleat Update

4 07 2014

They’ve arrived. Shoes and pedals on separate days but they have arrived. Tried the shoes on. Very tip tap tap. Feel like Bruce Forsyth on stage – but without the annoyingness.

Pedal spanner ready. I’m going for it.

I’m excited. You’re probably a bit bored and just looking forward to me falling slowly sideways whilst being watched by a pretty blonde in a convertible. It could happen. This is the place to be if you want to know where and when I fall – for fall I will!

Chocs away!

Chris Froome – biography of a champion

25 07 2013

I asked in my blog recently about Andy Murray – how quickly can a biography be rushed out after he won Wimbledon? Not long as it turns out!

The next question is about Christ Froome (born 20th May 1985 in case you need your facts quickly).

According to t’interweb he hasn’t got a biography or autobiography out yet. The 100th Tour de France (LeTour) finishes on Sunday 21st July and any winner should be able to get a book out in a couple of weeks at most.  It’s needed before the hype dies away – no Olympics to follow it up with like Wiggo did in 2012!

To assist those waiting for the biography here are some brief highlights

–       Born in Nairobi, Kenya – luckily for us he has enough Brit in his to join our side (since 2008)

–       Went to school in South Africa as a teenager

–       Got his passion for cycling in the highlands north of Nairobi

–       First Tour in 2008

–       Rides professionally for Team Sky (since 2010). 

–       He is 186cm tall and his fighting weight is under 70kg

I’m not a biographer. Fiction is my game but even after all these years in that game I remain fascinated by the writing process both creatively but also commercially. The commercial aspects of publishing need to be watched – spot the trend, see where change is coming from, ride the wave or plunge into a new fiord? All things that a writer needs to watch!

Here I’m watching speed of output. Will quality suffer for speed? Will sales justify the risk? Will Froome-Dawg be victorious not only on the streets of Paris but also on the e-shelves of Kindle-world!


If you want more bio and updates you can go nowhere better than