IT issues – doomsday or just a bit tedious?

16 09 2013

Too many commentators rant on about IT being either the bane of existence or the salvation, the rapture, the cure-all. I fall squarely in the middle. You, dear reader, may have noticed an absence of recent blogs. It is no fault of WordPress, no fault of my mobile or broadband provider or web hoster. I will put the blame on the water company and the regularly dug-up streets of my town.

 Yes, we all now know that Victorian sewers are a drag but please, please, please just dig THEM up and not the cables running near them!

 So – did the world end? Did the Millennium Bug come out of hiding and sink its fangs into my quivering heart? No. I just couldn’t email or use t’interweb. Freed up a heck of a lot of time for writing and thinking and even – shock-of-all-shocks – reading!

 I went to a library. Big, old, British. You know the one. Amazing how much stuff isn’t available on-line. Simply amazing! (sarcasm alert)

 Admittedly things slowed up a bit when I got the green router lights again. Lots of emails to read, reviews to peruse etc. But did I mind, did I moan? I did to the water people, obviously, but in my heart I quite liked the change!